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Trojan Surveillance Covert Camera Installations and Maintenance Services

Covert camera located in a ceiling extraction fan

Trojan Surveillance provides a covert camera Installations and maintenance service to business owners and private individuals in all areas of the UK, Should you be suffering theft of any description or inconvenience, we have a camera system that can be discreetly located in any situation or environment that will quickly solve your problem.

We have made numerous updates and advances in out covert camera equipment over the years and have devices that are miniature yet can record the highest quality video enabling you to use the recorded content in courts of law. Covert cameras can be placed in any situation at times that best suits your requirments.

Why use us?

We have many years experience of covert camera placements for local authorities and enforcement agency’s. To help you, one of our Directors accompanied by our Surveillance Manager will make a visit at a time that is convenient to you to talk over what equipment will be needed and the best locations to install the camera/cameras. We advise this meeting should not take place in normal operating hours if you are business owner for security reasons. After the meeting a formal quote of the task involve, will then be provided. Trojan Surveillance does not charge you for this meeting.

Once the covert cameras are in position, depending on the promises involved, we will make a routine visit each week to maintain the Cameras and Hard drives and make sure all are working as they should be.

Smallest Covert Camera

Trojan Surveillance miniature covert camera

The Cam2 is the Worlds smallest covert bullet camera Ideally suited for deploying in a wide range of covert scenarios.

The Night Devil Camera

Covert Camera desk

Minature Covert Cam

The mighty miniature covert camera

This very discreet camera with full hdd can be placed almost anywhere,for any length of time.

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Surveillance key to our services

Our Services

  • Defendant Personal Injury.
  • Spurious Insurance Claims.
  • Intellectual Property Fraud.
  • Cable theft.
  • Fuel theft.
  • Assist protection.
  • Human Resources - (long term sickness).
  • Theft.
  • Covert Surveillance.
  • Undercover Operatives (work in placements as employees).
  • Tracing.
  • Overt Surveillance.
  • Counter-Surveillance.
  • Due Diligence / Risk Assessments.
  • Covert Camera Installations
  • Vehicle Tracking Devices and Systems.
  • T.S.C.M - Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (Bug Sweeps).
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