Detection of fraud insurance medical and sickness claims

Corporate Client Anti Medical Insurance Fraud Detection Services

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The anti medical insurance frauds team here at Trojan Associates has many years of experience in bogus personal injury and medical claims. We have seen how with the widespread media coverage of fraud injury claims, the claimants have now a greater awareness of the basic surveillance.

To combat the current publicly, our entire operation is intelligence led and features the very latest high tech evidence gathering equipment. Our fully trained discreet team of medical fraud investigators have specialist expertise, years of experience and judgement to call on. This allows us to assign the right, field investigation or surveillance resources on a case-by-case basis.

Our investigation and surveillance personnel are highly experienced, all are ex Police or Military and used to undetected covert investigations. We keep you up to date with regular briefings and on completion of the inquiry, a full written report along with video and or photographic evidence will be provided, this will be accepted in a any court of law.

By combining our resources we make it easy for clients to:

  • Keep fraud investigation costs to a minimum.
  • Ensure the right specialists are involved in the investigation at every stage.
  • Access the latest technologies and innovations for all elements of the fraud investigation process.
  • Access the intelligence contained in previous investigations & claims.
  • Identify where surveillance should be used.
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards in all investigation activities, minimising exposure to reputational risk.
  • Gather appropriate evidence to defend or reduce suspect claims compliantly.

Dedicated Client Manager

All clients who register with us are allocated a dedicated client manager who has proven experienced in all aspects of Medical & Insurance Fraud. The services we carry out on your behalf are strictly private and confidential.

Our field operatives are professionals who have been trained to the highest standards, they are discreet and carry out your instructions to the letter with your best interests in mind at all times.

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Our Services

  • Defendant Personal Injury.
  • Spurious Insurance Claims.
  • Intellectual Property Fraud.
  • Cable theft.
  • Fuel theft.
  • Assist protection.
  • Human Resources - (long term sickness).
  • Theft.
  • Covert Surveillance.
  • Undercover Operatives (work in placements as employees).
  • Tracing.
  • Overt Surveillance.
  • Counter-Surveillance.
  • Due Diligence / Risk Assessments.
  • Covert Camera Installations
  • Vehicle Tracking Devices and Systems.
  • T.S.C.M - Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (Bug Sweeps).
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