Advanced Gprs/Gps Vehicle Tracking covering the UK

GPS Domestic & Commercial Vehicle Tracking, Personal Tracking

Vehicle tracker, for security reasons we are not showing the actual model used

Our miniature GPS tracking devices are of the latest military graded design, they are small robust and can be discreetly placed in any vehicle without fear of being found. The trackers record all movements, speed, stops and location the vehicle has been too.

Simply by logging onto our network with your unique password from a computer, I Pad or Smartphone, you will be able to check the vehicles progress 24hrs a day 7 days a week. All evidence produced by the advanced GPS unit is backed up by a fully comprehensive report. These are provided to the highest standards and can be used in a court of law.

The GPS tracking device is fitted to the target vehicle in just a few short seconds and ideal if you wish to know where your spouse is or has been at any given time. In fleet use you will be able to see where your employee is going and coming from. In recent times with high fuel costs we have been able to save companies thousands of pounds in wasted fuel bills.

Machinery, plant and agriculture equipment is expensive and is stolen regularly, fitted with a GPS tracking device, you will soon know where it is if it goes missing and be able to secure a safe return quickly.     View Vehicle Tracking Dashboard

Domestic Vehicle Tracking

Domestic Vehicle fitted with a miniature tracking device

If you want to know where your spouse and vehicle is at any time, where it stops and how its being drive, our hi-tech miniature trackers with tell you instantly 24hr a day. GPS units are available on short term contracts at affordable prices.

Commercial Fleet Trackers

Commercial Fleet vehicles fitted with miniature tracking devices

We make tracking your vehicles very easy with our fleet tracking service. You will know exactly where your vehicle is and how it is being driven, simply by logging into your 24hr account with us. Short term contracts are available.

Agricultural & Plant Tracking

Argicultural & Plant vehicles fitted with miniature tracking devices

Agriculture & plant is very expensive, so a natural target when it comes to stolen vehicles and machinery. We install our GPS tracking systems into plant & agriculture vehicles. They are discreet and give you a instant location of the unit.

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  • Defendant Personal Injury.
  • Spurious Insurance Claims.
  • Intellectual Property Fraud.
  • Cable theft.
  • Fuel theft.
  • Assist protection.
  • Human Resources - (long term sickness).
  • Theft.
  • Covert Surveillance.
  • Undercover Operatives (work in placements as employees).
  • Tracing.
  • Overt Surveillance.
  • Counter-Surveillance.
  • Due Diligence / Risk Assessments.
  • Covert Camera Installations
  • Vehicle Tracking Devices and Systems.
  • T.S.C.M - Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (Bug Sweeps).
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